Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury accidents are terrifying, upsetting ordeals. In the blink of an eye, your health, your career, your peace of mind, and your family’s financial future are all jeopardized. A populated city such as Los Angeles is rife with opportunities for someone else’s bad decisions and careless behavior to cause injury to yourself or to your loved ones. When this happens, your and your family’s ability to recover and move forward with your lives depends in part on your ability to hold the careless or reckless person who caused your injury accountable for his or her actions. To do so, you need seasoned and dedicated legal advice and representation from The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger, CHTD, your Los Angeles County personal injury law firm.

Compensation for Your Los Angeles Personal Injury

Car and truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, defective products, and other types of personal injury accidents can cause you and your family to incur substantial expenses and experience significant losses. A successful personal injury lawsuit can allow you to recover compensation for:

  • Your past and future medical and surgical expenses;

  • The cost of prescription drugs or medical devices (either temporary or permanent) that you may require;

  • Costs for installing assistive devices in your home or vehicle;

  • Pay and wages you were not able to collect from your workplace due to missing shifts;

  • Wages you will not be paid in the future due to time you will miss from work or because of the necessity of accepting a different and/or less-demanding job;

  • Your mental pain, suffering, and anguish caused by your injuries as well as the loss of enjoyment of life you may experience.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger, CHTD is committed to helping you and your family successfully navigate the complex and confusing path from injury to financial recovery as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our firm will devote our knowledge, experience, and resources to investigating the cause of your accident, identifying the individuals who caused or contributed to your injuries, and pursuing the maximum amount of compensation possible so you can focus on your health and your family’s wellbeing.

Why You Need an Attorney for Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Case

Recovering compensation for your Los Angeles personal injury is not easy, no matter the circumstances that led to your injuries: You must be prepared to present physical evidence and the testimony of witnesses to show that the at-fault party in your accident or crash behaved in a careless manner and that this failure to act reasonably under the circumstances caused your injuries. In addition, you must come to court seeking a specific amount of monetary damages from the defendant: failing to properly determine the amount of compensation you need or failing to document your demand with supporting evidence can lead to you receiving less compensation than you need for your losses – or receiving no compensation at all.

The Los Angeles Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger, CHTD, is available to help you and/or your loved one following a personal injury accident in investigating and prosecuting a claim for compensation. California law affords you a limited amount of time within which to bring a claim for compensation, so it is important that you contact our office as soon as possible. Moreover, the sooner you enlist our firm’s assistance in investigating your case, the easier it is to locate and depose important witnesses and preserve crucial evidence, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome in your case. Call The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger, CHTD today at (310) 507-9818 today.