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Nevada law outlines different types of warrants, two of which could allow law enforcement officers to take you into custody at almost any moment. If you are the subject of an arrest warrant or a bench warrant, you could be arrested while at work, home, or on vacation. Additionally, search warrants could be issued allowing police to comb through your personal belongings for potential evidence.

If a warrant has been issued for your arrest or to search your property, it is important to know your rights and options when dealing with the documents. Having an educated and efficient criminal defense lawyer could make the difference in your case.

Las Vegas Warrant Attorney

Warrants should always be taken seriously. If you are the subject of a warrant, contact Las Vegas warrant lawyer Jeffrey Jaeger to begin working to resolve the situation. An arrest warrant could mean being placed behind bars at any time. Jeffrey can help you take a proactive approach to the situation, resolving it before it creates more issues.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger represents clients throughout Clark County, including those in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. Call (702) 816-3888 to schedule a free initial consultation. Jeffrey can review your case and discuss possible options with you.  You do not have to endure the process alone.

Information About Warrants in Nevada

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Failure to Appear and Bench Warrants

If a person fails to comply with the orders of the court, such as missing a scheduled court date, a bench warrant could be issued. This type of warrant is issued by a judge and authorizes law enforcement officers to take the person into custody.

These are sometimes referred to as "failure to appear warrants." However, they can be issued as a result of other scenarios, including:

  • Failing to attend a required counseling
  • Failure to complete community service
  • Contempt of court
  • Failure to follow a court order
  • Failure to pay a fine
  • Failure to testify before a grand jury
  • Neglecting to follow any other court order

Once a warrant is issued, the information is added to a national database that law enforcement officers can access. This means if you are stopped for a traffic offense in another state while on vacation and officers detect a warrant, they can arrest you. This could happen even if no other criminal act was committed at the time of the stop.

If you are the subject of a bench warrant, you could live in constant fear of being arrested. You should contact an attorney who can appear on your behalf in court and file a motion to quash the warrant.

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Arrest Warrants

Law enforcement officers can seek an arrest warrant for a person if there is probable cause to believe he or she committed a criminal offense, according to Nevada Revised Statute 171.106. An arrest warrant can also be issued if an alleged offender has been indicted by a grand jury or the district attorney's office files a criminal complaint.

According to Nevada Revised Statute 171.108, the contents of an arrest warrant in Nevada must include the following information:

  • The signature of the magistrate with the name of his or her office
  • The name of the defendant or if the name is unknown a reasonable description
  • The date of its issuances and the county, city, or town in which it was issued
  • The offense charged in the complaint
  • The command that the defendant be arrested and brought before the nearest magistrate

An arrest warrant could be executed by arresting the person at nearly any time. An officer could arrest the person even if he or she did not have a physical copy of the arrest warrant. However, it must be shown to the alleged offender as soon as possible. These warrants can be carried out when a person is at home, at work, or nearly anywhere else.

If you know there is a warrant for your arrest, it would be wise to resolve the warrant before it leads to an arrest in front of family, friends, coworkers, and others. A criminal defense attorney will help you make the best possible decision regarding the warrant.

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Search Warrants

Another type of warrant that could be issued is a search warrant. Instead of calling for the arrest of a certain person, a search warrant authorizes police to search a specified area of that person's home or place of employment in an attempt to find evidence of a crime.

According to Nevada Revised Statute 179.035, a search warrant may be issued to search for and seize any property that is:

  • Stolen or embezzled in violation of state or federal laws
  • Designed or intended for use or has been used as the means of committing a crime
  • When the property or things to be seized constitutes evidence of a criminal offense or tends to show that particular person has committed a criminal offense

A judge issues a search warrant, and it must be directed to a peace officer in the county in which it would be executed. It must state the grounds or probable cause for its issuance and the names of the people whose affidavits have been taken in support. It must also direct that it be served between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., unless another time frame is directed.

The warrant must be executed and returned within 10 days after its date, according to Nevada Revised Statute 179.075. The officer taking property under the warrant is required to present a copy of the warrant to the property owner and a receipt for the property that is taken.

The return of the warrant should be done promptly and it should be accompanied by a written inventory of any property taken, according to state law. The inventory should be done in the presence of the property owner or in the presence of another credible person. It then should be verified by the officer.

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Resources for Warrants

Las Vegas Warrant Search: This link allows citizens to search for warrants. Citizens can look up information about defendants, as well as print and view wanted posters.

Las Vegas Municipal Court: This link can be used to view cases, post bail for someone in the Las Vegas City Jail, research bond information, view payment history, and more.

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Finding A Lawyer for Warrants in Clark County

Being the subject of a bench, arrest, or search warrant can feel overwhelming. However, you do not have to endure the process alone. Contact Las Vegas warrant lawyer Jeffrey Jaeger for educated and effective legal counsel. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger can help you protect your rights throughout the process. Call (702) 816-3888 today.

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