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Out of State DUI

As a visitor to Las Vegas, you may rent a car, or you may have driven here from your home. During the course of visiting, you may be pulled over or stopped at a checkpoint and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. While DUI is a common charge, it can be frightening for a Clark County native, much less a person who lives in another state or another country and doesn’t know his or her way around Clark County courts.

Las Vegas Out of State DUI Lawyer

While you may be unfamiliar with the Nevada legal process, Las Vegas out of state DUI lawyer Jeffrey Jaeger is deeply familiar. Jeffrey is the co-author of a book used by judges and lawyers regarding Nevada evidence, and has a long history in Clark County courtrooms as the former Director of Litigation Support for the Clark County Public Defender’s Office. Let him put that experience to work for you.

Jeffrey will work hard to minimize the need for you to travel back to Las Vegas. In many cases, the accused does not have to return to Las Vegas at all. Call today at (702) 816-3888 to schedule a free consultation.

Overview of Out of State DUI Charges in Nevada

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What are the DUI Laws in Nevada?

If you are from the United States, it is likely that the laws defining drunk driving are very similar to the laws in your home state. A person commits driving under the influence if he or she is driving or has actual physical control of a motor vehicle while his or her faculties are impaired or he or she has a blood alcohol content (BAC) at or above .08.

The level of DUI offense is governed by the laws of the state where the DUI occurred. Nevada grades DUI offenses by the number of the offender's prior convictions in the past seven years. If you have been convicted of two DUI offenses in the past seven years, you face felony DUI charges. Nevada will take into account DUI convictions in your home state or home country if it is for a conviction that would be a DUI offense under Nevada law.

A DUI can also be a felony charge if serious bodily injury or death was involved.

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What Happens if I Face DUI Charges and I am from Another State?

Nevada is not part of the Driver License Compact, an agreement between most states to report DUI offenses of out-of-state visitors and license holders. Despite this, Nevada does report DUI test failures and refusals to a visitor's Department of Motor Vehicles or equivalent. Once your state’s agency receives this information, it may suspend or revoke your license as the laws there determine.

If you do not resolve your DUI charge in Las Vegas and skip a court date, the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. The warrant will appear in background searches and you may not be able to obtain certain licenses from federal and state agencies. If you come back to Nevada, you could be arrested. Depending on circumstances, you could even be extradited back to Nevada.

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What Happens to International Visitors Facing DUI Charges?

Some countries will not admit entry to a person with a prior DUI conviction or facing DUI charges. The laws vary from nation to nation.

However, it is certain that if you skip a court date and do not resolve your DUI charges, the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest, and it is very likely that when you seek to return to the United States for business, to visit family, or to tour, you will be arrested and detained at the port of entry.

The United States and other countries may also deny a visa if you have an unresolved DUI charge and have an outstanding warrant in Nevada.

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Finding A DUI Defense Attorney for Las Vegas Visitors

If you were visiting Las Vegas or the surrounding Clark County communities, including North Las Vegas and Henderson, and were pulled over or stopped at a checkpoint and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, contact a local attorney familiar with the local process fight for you. Jeffrey Jaeger, a Las Vegas out of state DUI lawyer, will work hard to resolve your case. Call today at (702) 816-3888 for a free consultation.

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