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Visitor Arrests

There is a significant amount of mystique surrounding Las Vegas. Some originate with movies, TV shows, and books about the place. Some may be encouraged by our Convention and Visitor Authority in its “What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” campaign.

It is true that in some areas Nevada has significantly different laws than most other states. However, that does not mean there are no rules, and those areas of the law tend to be tightly regulated. And it is certainly not true that if you are arrested and face criminal charges in Las Vegas or the surrounding Clark County, the repercussions will stay in Vegas. They will follow you back home.

Las Vegas Visitor Lawyer

If you were arrested as one of the 40 million people each year who visits the Las Vegas area, it is important that you take immediate action to resolve your criminal case. A skilled attorney can help you do that. Jeffrey Jaeger is a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer whose writings and teachings are used by other Clark County attorneys in their practice. He represents tourists who face criminal charges in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and the surrounding area.

Jeffrey has in-depth knowledge of the criminal process and will seek to minimize your stress during this difficult time. Depending on your circumstances, you may not have to travel back to Las Vegas at all to deal with your case. Call today at (702) 816-3888 to set up a free telephone or in-person consultation.

If your loved one was arrested in Las Vegas and is currently in jail, call The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger for assistance in obtaining his or her release.

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Common Misconceptions of Las Vegas Visitors

Some of the common misconceptions visitors have about criminal law in Las Vegas includes:

#1. Prostitution is legal in Las Vegas.

Nevada is presently the only state with laws that allow for legal sex work. However, it may only take place in licensed brothels. There are no licensed brothels in Clark County. Therefore, there is no legal sex work in Las Vegas.

People who are aware that sex work may be legal in Nevada but are unaware that it is illegal in Clark County may be easily fooled seeing fliers seeming to advertise sexual services for money, especially escort services and “erotic massages.” However, many of these walk a very thin line, and crossing over could result in criminal charges, both for the visitor seeking services and the sex worker.

Under NRS 201.43, it is illegal to engage in or to offer or agree to participate in any sex act that is for pay outside the confines of a legal brothel. If arrested for solicitation, you face a misdemeanor offense and could be sentenced to up to six months in jail pay a fine of up to $1,000.

#2. Marijuana is legal in Nevada.

Nevada is one of many states that allows patients to obtain marijuana for medicinal purposes, thanks to a 1998 voter initiative. However, to be able to legally purchase and possess marijuana, a person must obtain a valid registry identification card from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

Anyone without a valid card may be found guilty of the crime of possession of marijuana. This includes people who have a doctor’s approval to use medical marijuana in their home state but do not have a card from Nevada.

#3. There are no consequences for drinking alcohol in public.

It is true that there is no “public intoxication” law in Nevada, and Las Vegas allows for people to carry open containers of alcohol in most parts of the city. It is also legal to carry open containers on the Strip, so long as they are not glass containers.

However, people face criminal charges related to alcohol and intoxication on a daily basis in Las Vegas. While it is legal to be drunk in public and, in most places, to drink in public, it is not legal to maliciously or willfully disturb the peace or quiet of a neighborhood, family or person with loud or unusual noises, tumultuous or offensive conduct, or by threatening, quarreling or fighting people. Doing so is a misdemeanor called “breach of the peace,” and intoxicated people commonly face this charge.

#4. Having insufficient funds for casino debt may result in bill collector harassment, but not criminal charges.

To make gambling easier, many people take out a casino marker, in which they give the casino bank account information. They gamble with the marker, and the casino will deposit the marker to collect from any losses, sometimes days or weeks afterward.

Some people have the misconception that if they come up short when the casino deposits the marker, they may merely face civil repercussions, like bill collectors or a lawsuit. But Nevada law allows casinos to file a criminal complaint if the marker holder does not respond to a notice of a debt after 10 days. An unpaid casino marker worth more than $250 can result in felony charges.

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Criminal Charges Will Follow You Back Home

Perhaps the biggest misconception of all is that if a person is arrested in Las Vegas, they can head back home and forget about it. Doing so is a big mistake.

When you are cited or released on bail, you are given a court date. If you fail to appear at the court date, the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. The warrant will show up on background searches, and you will appear to be a fugitive from justice to potential employers. You may be denied a visa or arrested while attempting to cross a border. State and federal agencies may deny you certain licenses.

In some cases, you may be arrested in your home state and brought back to Clark County to face charges. This process is called extradition. A judge will issue a warrant. Local officials will arrest you, and you will face a hearing in the state you were arrested before being brought back to Nevada.

Although Nevada is not a member of the Driver License Compact, it will report any DUI accusations, including failed DUI tests or test refusals, to your home state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or equivalent, and your home state could revoke or suspend your license.

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Resources for Visitors Arrested in Vegas

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority: The LVCVA is a governmental agency that was established by a state law and is funded by a county room tax. The agency is responsible for assisting in promoting the city to tourists and groups looking to organize conventions and conferences.

Clark County Nevada Inmate Search: This link allows people to search the Clark County Detention Center for inmates.

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Finding A Vegas Defense Attorney for Tourists

The sooner you act by calling The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger, the sooner Jeffrey can begin building your defense and resolving your criminal matter, and the better your chances of avoiding the severe repercussions of criminal charges in Las Vegas. Call today at (702) 816-3888 to set up a free telephone or in-person consultation.

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