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Violation of Probation

Any time a person is accused of violating the terms of his or her probation, his or her future could be at stake. A probation violation could mean being forced to serve the punishment of the initial offense, expensive fines, and other sanctions. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger can help you challenge the allegation that you violated your probation.

Las Vegas Probation Violation Lawyer

A probation violation could have a serious impact on a person's future. If you have been accused of violating the terms of your probation, contact Las Vegas probation violation attorney Jeffrey Jaeger.  Jeffrey can help you challenge the allegations and work with you to protect your future. He is adamant about helping people get favorable results in their cases.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger represents clients throughout the Las Vegas area , including those in North Las Vegas, Henderson, and the surrounding areas in Clark County. Call (702) 816-3888 today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your options.

Information About Probation Violations

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Definition of Probation

After a person pleads guilty to a crime or is convicted of an offense, a variety of penalties could be imposed. This could include fines, lengthy jail and prison sentences, and more. In Nevada, probation sometimes is used as an alternative to incarceration.

Probation is a suspension of the jail sentence, which allows the person to remain in his or her community. This means he or she could continue working, living in the same area, and maintaining a normal life. However, when probation is imposed there are strict requirements the participant must fulfill.

For instance, a person on probation could be required to meet with his or her probation officer on a regular basis. The terms and length of the probation are decided by the court.

If a person is accused of having violated his or her probation, it could result in a warning from the probation officer. However, depending on the situation, it could lead to an arrest, a summons to appear in court, or a bench warrant for an arrest.

If a judge finds the person did violate his or her probation terms, this could mean addition requirements, expensive fines, jail time, or having your probation revoked. However, if a person completes the program without any infractions, his or her case could be closed.

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Conditions of Probation

Various requirements could be imposed as conditions of a probation sentence. According to Nevada Revised Statute 176A.400, the court could impose the following:

  • Requiring the person to stay in the state or within a certain county
  • Prohibiting the person from contacting a certain person
  • Prohibiting the probationer from soliciting someone to contact a certain person on his or her behalf
  • Prohibiting the probationer from entering a certain geographic area
  • Prohibiting the probationer from engaging in specific conduct that may be harmful 

Additionally, a person could be ordered to dispose of all the weapons he or she possesses, according to state law. The offender could also be ordered to pay restitution to a victim.

If probation is granted to a person who has been found guilty of a Category C, D or E, felony, the court could require the person to participate in and complete any alternative program, treatment, or activity the court finds appropriate. This could be included as a condition of probation under state law.

A person who has been convicted of a sexual offense and placed on probation could have even more restrictions imposed, according to Nevada Revised Statute 176A.410. This could include submitting to a search and seizure of the defendant and his or her house, vehicle, or property at any time without a warrant for the purpose of determining if the probation was violated.

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Possible Violations and Revo Hearings

If a person fails to meet the requirements imposed in the conditions of his or her probation, it could be considered a violation. Some violations could be considered minor, but others could be taken very seriously. Some possible violations include:

  • Failing to meet with a probation officer at required times
  • Failing to maintain sobriety from drugs, alcohol, or both
  • Not appearing at a mandatory court date
  • Not paying a court-ordered fine or restitution
  • Not submitting to a mandatory drug test
  • Failing to remain within a certain geographical  area
  • Being arrested for another criminal offense
  • Possessing firearms or other weapons that are prohibited

Any time a person is accused of violating his or her probation, a probation revocation hearing or a "revo hearing" could be held. The accused would appear in front of a judge who would determine if the terms of the probation were in fact violated.

If a judge finds the person did violate his or her probation, the person's probation officer could recommend the type of punishment the court should impose. The probation term could be revoked and he or she could be sentenced to the original prison term.

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Resources for Nevada Probation Violations

Nevada Department of Parole and Probation: The Division supervises people who have been placed on probation by a District Court for a conviction of a felony or gross misdemeanor. The primary missions of the department are to reduce crime rates and protect the community.

Nevada Revised Statutes Regarding Probation: Chapter 176A of the Nevada Revised Statutes defines probation and explains the suspension of a sentence. The link includes information about the authority of the court, the procedure, and the terms and conditions of probation.

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Finding A Violation of Probation Attorney in Clark County

If you have been accused of violating the conditions set in your probation, contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger. Jeffrey is a Las Vegas probation violation lawyer who is a staunch defender of his clients. He will work with them to ensure their rights are protected. Call (702) 816-3888 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how you can protect your future.

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