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Las Vegas Criminal Defense Firm | The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger

Criminal Defense

Being accused of a criminal act in Nevada can be a stressful situation. Criminal charges could be misdemeanor offenses, which often carry less harsh penalties, or they could be felony offenses. Felony crimes can range from the least severe Class E felony to the most significant Class A felony. Penalties for these offenses vary based on the severity.

A criminal conviction could have a serious impact on a person's life. In additional to jail or prison time, an offender could be forced to pay expensive fines, relinquish all driving rights, or even have property seized. However, a conviction could have long-lasting effects long after the court-issued punishments are completed.

Facing criminal charges does not have to mean a conviction. Nevada residents and tourists have the right to an attorney who can work on their behalf and help them through the strenuous process of fighting criminal accusations. Jeffrey Jaeger is skilled in challenging evidence, and he can help you fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed.

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Firm

If you are facing criminal charges in Las Vegas or the surrounding communities in Clark County, contact a passionate criminal defense attorney who can use his years of experience to help you achieve favorable results in your case. Call Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Jaeger.

Jeffrey has been interested in law and defending the rights of those facing criminal charges since he was a child. After a lengthy career as Director of Litigation Support for the Clark County Public Defender’s Office, he was able to pursue his passion to become an attorney. Now, he diligently helps those in need of skilled legal representation.

Call (702) 816-3888 to schedule a free initial consultation with Jeffrey and his legal team. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger represents clients accused of crimes throughout Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and the surrounding areas of Clark County, Nevada.

Criminal Charges in Clark County

Nevada law outlines a plethora of acts that could be considered criminal offenses. When a person is accused of violating the law by committing these actions, he or she could face misdemeanor or felony charges. The penalties for the offenses vary based on the classification, a person's criminal history, and various other factors.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger represents clients who face any type of criminal charge in Clark County courts. Some of the charges include:

Jeffrey has an extensive understanding of the criminal justice system, and he knows how to challenge the prosecution on even the toughest cases. He can work with you one-on-one to fight to have the charges reduced or dismissed.

Protecting Your Rights Throughout the Criminal Process

Facing criminal charges can be an overwhelming and complicated process, especially because it could lead to other legal issues. An experienced and dedicated Las Vegas lawyer can help you in all aspects of a criminal case, including handling administrative penalties associated with criminal charges.

When Jeffrey Jaeger works with a client on all aspects of his or her charge, the he can provide well rounded and educated legal advice. Jeffrey helps clients make educated decisions concerning their future in various instances, including those dealing with:

  • Probation requirements and violations
  • Parole violations
  • Arrest warrants
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Search warrants
  • Effect of conviction on professional workers
  • Record sealing and expunging
  • First-time offenders facing criminal charges
  • License revocation hearings after a DUI arrest
  • Unreasonable searches and seizures
  • Violation of a protective order in domestic violence cases
  • Sex offender registration

Managing all of the side effects of a criminal charge can be difficult, but having a knowledgeable Las Vegas attorney on your side could ease the complications of the process.  The legal team at The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger can help you protect yourself and your future.

Finding A Clark County Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are a resident of Nevada or a visitor facing criminal charges in Las Vegas, it is important to begin building a strong defense in your case immediately. Call (702) 816-3888 to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer at The Law Offices of Jeffrey Jaeger. Jeffrey and his legal team represent clients throughout Clark County.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest legal news in the Silver State. Las Vegas attorney Jeffrey Jaeger discusses important developments in Nevada Appellate Courts.


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